Buyer Beware (of Maytag Appliances)


I just got of the phone with a supervisor named “Ingrid” at the Maytag “Customer Experience” call center. My Maytag French door bottom freezer refrigerator that I bought in 2006 just quit on Saturday. Not only did it quit but the ice door that drops ice out keeps opening and closing with a snapping sound that you can hear all over the house. It’s sort of like Chinese water torture without the water! She told me that Maytag made a decision to stop fixing this problem in January of 2013. She also told me that Maytag reserves the right to deny service to anyone who buys one of their products!
I guess that’s why they refer to it as a “Customer Experience” rather than “Customer Service”
I paid a couple of thousand dollars for that refrigerator and it is less than a 10 years old! I have a 15 year old Kenmore in my garage that I have never had a single problem with.
There have been many people who have reported the same problem. Maytag acknowledged that it was a fault in the manufacturing and was fixing it until January of 2013. This is one of two Maytag appliances I bought at the same time. The other was a washing machine that died earlier this year.
So I guess you can count on Maytag to last maybe 9 years if your lucky. Don’t buy Maytag appliances unless you are okay with a “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” rather than “Customer Service”! #Maytag, #Badappliances, #Badcustomerservice


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